Feb 17, 2009

♥ list part 2...

I have a few more things I've been thinking about that I should add to my I ♥ list.... have you tried the Quaker mini delights Chocolatey Drizzle? They are so good and they make them in the cute little 90 calorie packs!
I'm also loving the show True Beauty right now... I am hoping either the Idaho guy wins or the cute pageant girl.
Well for my EXCITING news!!! Angie & Neal are PREGNANT too! They actually told us a while ago, but I had to keep it a secret for a while! EEEK! So both of my cute sisters are due within a week of each other!!!! :) SO FUN! I am so happy for them. We need some more little ones running around! They are going to be great parents! I'm headed to the Sunshine State to visit Angie & Neal at the end of the week! I can't wait! Don't worry I'll soak up some sunshine for all of you! :) Have a perfect week!!!

I am a very basic seamstress. I really want to try to make one of these Charm quilts though! I am loving the Moda fabric, I am trying to choose between these two packs...
I may or may not be obsessed with cute little hair bows for the girl.... I saw this and knew I had to make it! I wish I could give credit to the blog I got it from, but since our computer problems, I lost all my favorite links! Sorry! All it is a picture frame painted and ribbons hot glued to it. It's helped us organize the mess of bows we have! ♥ it!
Have you seen the commercials for the Snuggies?
Well my cute & very creative/talented Aunt Delores, showed us how to make our own! Zach will love that I posted this picture of him! They are very silly looking, (that's why I let him pose for the picture and not me, hey, he's cute no matter what!) wink wink. ;) But they def. should be on my ♥ list! They are so yummy, soft and perfect for snuggling! We seriously pull them out every single night! Zach especially likes to wear his while playing the X-box.