Feb 10, 2009

Birthday's, New Babies, & a few laughs...

It is my little sister Krystal's birthday today, not only is it her birthday, but my brother-in- law Jordan's birthday too! Krystal and Jordan are so cute together and have been dating/liking each other since 7th grade! Isn't it crazy that they share the same birthday. Krystal is the kindest person I know. She never talks bad about anyone. She forgives easily and is so much fun to be around! Jordan is easy going. He is an amazing basketball player and my kids adore him! We love having him as part of our family! They just surprised us all on Sunday and told us they are pregnant! SOOOO excited for them! They will be great parents!! She is due in September! EEEK! You should all go check out Braxton's birth mom Shanna's blog. Particularly THIS POST. She has put together an amazing video for Braxton. LOVE it!
No word on my pictures yet. Grrr. I thought I'd hear today, no such luck. I think I'm going to start uploading my pictures to photobucket or something on line so I'm never in this situation again. I thought I was safe since we had the external hard drive. Hope you all learn that lesson through me. haha. Another lesson I learned today... well a lesson I had to learn twice... DON"T WASH YOUR HUSBANDS PANTS without checking the pockets first... How many times to I need to remember this?! For the second time we have had to replace Zach's phone, because I washed it. I'm glad we decided to get insurance on his phone. He wasn't super happy with me. Sorry Sweet heart!
I stole this from Christal's Blog {I've been doing that alot lately it seems} I just love her blog and thought this was so stinkin' funny!! I needed that laugh today Thanks Christal!

We get to spend a few days with these two cute girls! Zach's little sisters are so much fun! We love them to pieces!

I'm excited to tell you all about some new things that I am LOVING right now... so stay tuned!

We can get a little crazy... me and Megan aren't embarassed to show you our true colors. ;) Enjoy! We got a good laugh anyway. We did these using Iphoto. Using the FishEye Lens.