Dec 1, 2008

7 years...

Today Zach & I are celebrating 7 years being married! We've done alot in these short 7 years! We have moved 11 times and lived in 3 different states! We have two kids. Zach graduated from school! We bought our first home. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!!
*Mandy tagged me a while ago, but I thought I'd wait until today so I could brag about my honey! :) Thanks girl!
1. What is his name? Zach
2. Who eats more? Zach does for the most part. Although I have been known to eat a whole big judd hamburger 2x :)
3. Who said I love you first? I'm sure he did, but is this bad... I don't remember the first time! teehee.
4. Who is taller? Zach is but that's easy because I'm only 5'3"!
5. Who is smarter? Zach is he can tell you just about anything and he learns really quickly.
6. Who is more sensitive? Me for sure. Zach sees things a little more black and white then I do.
7.Who does the laundry? I do, and when Zach does we end up with pens and gum etc. in the laundry. We've ruined a few batches of laundry this way! haha.
8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does. Don't most guys? It's usually closer to the door, so I feel safe.
9. Who pays the bills? I get them in the mail but Zach tells me how much to pay he's better at finances than me. I mostly just like to spend. :)
10. Who cooks more? I do, but he helps when I make certain dishes. He's a great cook.
11. What meals do you cook together? Dutch oven chicken, steak, Taco's and Fajittas are the main ones.
12. Who is more stubborn? Hmmm... it's a toss up!
13. Who is the first to admit they're wrong? Me, but after 7 years, he's getting better about that.
14. Who has more siblings? Zach does by 2
15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? I don't know we make a pretty great team. But I am more of a pushover with most things.
16. What do you like to do together? Go out to eat, vacation & travel, talk, okay almost Everything!
17. Who eats more sweets? Zach does, he's got a sweet tooth for sure! He bought $20 worth of tootie fruites a month ago! haha.
18. Guilty pleasures? Video games, hunting, fishing, anything outdoors really.
19. How did you meet? I went to Lake Powell with his family the summer after I graduated.
20. Who asked who out first? Hmmm... I'm going to say our real first date he asked me, but I invited him to a fireside the day after we got back from Lake Powell.
21. Who kissed who first? Zach, but if we are going to get technical I kissed him on the cheek.
22. Who proposed? Zach did!! He has a pretty good made up story about me proposing to him though, {that he loves to tell everyone! }
23. His best features? eyes and smile, and his arms. I love those big strong arms. Something that is hilarious though is the first time my sister met him, she said wow, he has the cleanest ears I've ever seen and he smells good, like cinnamon! I like that about him too! :) haha.
24. What is his greatest quality? I can't name just one.. Sense of humor, great daddy really he is awesome!, positive attitude, willingness to help, He's a keeper for sure!
25. Tagged? Anyone who wants to do a little man tag!