Nov 25, 2008

The Nutcracker, a Wedding, & an Obsession...

I bought Brooklyn the Barbie in the Nutcracker DVD about a month ago. She became obsessed with it. Zach & I started to notice she has some pretty good cordination. She even gets up on her toes throughout alot of the dance. It is SO cute, of course it's cute, I'm her mom! So please forgive me for bragging. haha. Anyways as part of her birthday we decided to put her in dance lessons. She hasn't officially started but she is excited about them! I snapped a few pictures of her in her new outfit. Mmm. LOVE that girl!!!

We had a fun weekend! Zach's younger brother Blake got married! Congrats Blake & Chelsea! It was a beautiful day and the reception was perfect. I have to add this cute little story about Brooklyn and her cousins. It was near the end of the reception and Carter and Brooklyn were dancing together.
So sweet! Well the song ended and so they quit dancing, well Brock (these 3 are all the same age) started to dance with Brooklyn. Carter, immediately ran crying, no sobbing, to his mom, saying "Brock is going to marry Brooklyn and I wanted to! Then he comes back over to where Brooklyn & Brock are dancing and cuts in! It was SO stinkin' cute. We laughed so hard about it.

Yesterday was my little sister Heather's birthday. We all love Heather. She's the kind of person everyone wants to be around. She's FUN, and freakin' hilarious! Seriously!! She is gorgeous, and kind and generous and smart. And has a little addiction to buying clothes and shoes. ;) She's almost too good to be true, but she's not! Happy Birthday Heathie!

We celebrated by going to Twilight! I didn't get my hopes up to high because I had heard alot of negative reviews and I wasn't a big fan or who they casted as Edward... come on, why didn't they choose Henry Cavill, this is how I pictured Edward...
I would have gone to this movie over and over and over again if they would have! haha. I LOVED it though. It was a bit cheesy and there was a few awkward acting moments,oh and the fact that we shared the theater with 20 teenage girls who were giggling in every single love scene didn't help, but overall I'd go see it again, it left me wanting more! Guess I might have to pull the books back out and read them again! THank YOU Stephanie Meyer!! :)