Oct 30, 2008

Look at these treats...

I'm on a roll. I've had time to post a bunch and blog stalk all week long since I have been just cruising through this week without a care in the world, taking it easy and even being a tad bit {gasp} lazy! teehee. :) It's been so nice! You know how I love to share ideas, so lets get started! First I'll share with you some of my favorite Halloween/Fall projects that I've found. Number 1. These treats are adorable, and look yummy too!

Instructions found HERE. 2. I am a sucker for cheese balls, and these have got to be one of the cutest mini cheese balls I've ever seen. I want to make them for Thanksgiving and set by each plate!

Recipe & Instructions found HERE. She has another darling idea too! Go HEREto find out how to make this:

The next thing on the list are just some blog posts that have really made an impact on me lately. I got THIS link off of Kristyn'sblog. It's all about priorities and simplifying our lives. Being happy with what we have. One of my favorite quotes comes from a song of Cheryl Crow's "It's not getting what you want... It's wanting what you've got!"

{Photo courtesy of Flickr} Now Christal tipped me off to THIS BLOG. Thank you Christal! This blog has an amazing post about Mothers. {By the way, Christal and Kristyn are sis-in-laws... inspiration must run in the family!} Really it is a beautiful post.

A good friend of mine just started up her own etsy shop. She sales hand made cards that are beautiful and lots of fun crafts. So check her blog out here and her etsy shop out over here. She's also doing a great give-away to promote her shop opening!

I guess I'll be posting more later. It's time to get my visiting teaching done. Speaking of: LOVED this quote from the message: "The world has enough women who are coarse, we need women who are kind. We have enough women of fame and fortune, we need more women of faith." Margaret D. Naduald

Yeah, I'm late this month! Nothing like waiting until the last few days of the month. Right?! Hope you all have a Happy & Safe Halloween!!!