Oct 16, 2008

Activity Days a Year planned out...

I just wanted to record this for my own future reference and be able to have it all in once place. But if it can help any of you out there too great! :) Activity Days A Year Planned Out Calendar January 6th * Getting to Know your girls activity This is the questionaire we did... Getting to Know You Survey A great way to get acquainted with your Activity Day girls is to do a get-acquainted survey together. This is a fun ice breaker and you can learn a lot about your girls. Your girls will enjoy learning about you, too. ************************************************************************************ PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS:
Your name __________________________________ Age _____ 1. What is your middle name? 2. When is your birthday? 3. What is your favorite song? 4. Who is your favorite singer or group? 5. What is your favorite color? 6. How many brothers and sisters do you have? 7. What are their names? 8. What is your favorite TV show? 9. If a genie granted you one wish, what would it be? 10. What is your favorite food? 11. Do you have any pets? What kinds? What are their names? 12. Who is your favorite movie star? 13. Do you write with your right hand or left hand? 14. What was your favorite subject in school? Why? 15. What was your least favorite subject in school? Why? 16. What subjects in school would you have liked to take? Why? 17. Do you have a nickname? What is it? 18. What is your favorite movie? 19. What is your favorite sport? 20. If you could be any kind of animal, what would you be and why? 21. Do you have a hobby? 22. Who is your favorite athlete? 23. What is your favorite book or magazine? 24. What do you want to be when you grow up? 25. What kind of activities would you like to do in Activity Days this year? ************************************************************************************* January 21st * Card Making I had the cards split into kits already and I let the girls choose 2 card kits to make. We just put all the supplies needed into ziplock bags for each kit. ************************************************************************************* Feb 8th *Mom & Me Activity Have each mother be at a station and have the girls rotate around in small groups. The stations could include, sewing on a button, ironing a small item, learn to make a bed, sweep or mop a floor, make an easy treat, fold clothes or towels, sorting laundry etc...make it fun and informative. ************************************************************************************* March 7th * Home made Lip gloss and lemon hand healer Spa treatments etc. You can find the recipe for Lip Gloss Here and lemon hand healer right here. ************************************************************************************* March 19th *Recipe Exchange Start your own recipe collection. Have each child bring a few easy and nutritious recipes that the children could learn to make at home. Let the children copy each recipe on an index card. Challenge them to keep them in a book or box (a small picture album works great, even the free ones you get when you get your pictures developed). Suggest that they try to continue to add to their recipe collection. Suggest that they cook dinner for their families using the recipes. or TASTERS NIGHT: have the girls pick out one of their favorite recipes, something simple so they can make it themselves, and bring a sample to a "tasters night". We really encouraged the girls to make the dish themselves so that they could be fully involved in this. We also made copies of all the recipes ahead of time and compiled it in a girl's achievement recipe book. ************************************************************************************ April 6th *Walk around river or lake etc. Take a hike. ************************************************************************************ April 20th * Baby sitting kits http://theideadoor.com/Youth/YW%20Activities/baby_sitting_kits.htm or check to see if your local hospital offers babysitting classes, I've heard of some of them being only $3 or $4 dollars per person. ************************************************************************************ May 9 6:00 pm *Modge Podge Mother’s Day Blocks w/pics Tutorail found Here ************************************************************************************* May 19th 4:00 pm * eating healthy, smoothie making We talked a little bit about eating healthy and how it can still taste great! We made 3 or 4 different smoothies and sampled each one.We picked 3 or 4 recipes find them
Here ************************************************************************************* June 2nd 10:30 am *Father’s day cards Make Father's day cards, have the girls write in them and then bring them to church and hand them out to your girls to give to their dad's on Fathers day. ************************************************************************************* June 23rd 8:30 am-2:10pm * Day Camp (In our area we have a specific day camp they like us to take the girls to each year.) ************************************************************************************* July 14th 10:30 am *Sewing headbands Pattern found Here. This may require help of mom's and is best for the older girls. ************************************************************************************* July 28th 10:30 am * splash park or water activity ************************************************************************************* August 11th 10:30 am * Made Banks/talked about saving money I saved up formula cans and they turned out really cute. Here is my example. ************************************************************************************* august 25th 4:00 pm * Daddy Daughter Date We fixed Spaghetti , breadsticks salad etc, and then had the dad's and girls sit down wherever they wanted. We gave them crazy silverware to eat with things like spatula's, tongs, wisks etc. We also took a picture of them with a simple backdrop on their way in to copy and give the girls later. ************************************************************************************* September 8th 4:00 pm * Marble Magnets Instuctions Here. ************************************************************************************* September 22nd 4:00 pm * FHe kits For an example look Right Here. ************************************************************************************* October 13th 4:00 pm * temple visitor center activity We planned to go to the Temple visitor Center in our area, you could also take the girls to the nearest Temple Grounds etc. We called ahead to let them know we were coming. ************************************************************************************* October 20th 4:00 pm
* Carve Pumpkins (You can turn this into service too, if you want to deliver your pumpkins to some Elderly in your neighborhood!) ************************************************************************************* November 3rd 4:00 pm * making apple dumplings You can find a super easy recipe Right Here. ************************************************************************************* November 17th 4:00 pm * gratitude journals

We bought the girls notebooks and had them decorate with scrapbooking supplies and then explain the importance of being grateful and how it blesses our lives. ************************************************************************************* December 8th 4:00 pm * making sugar cookies and delivering to the elderly

Try these, they are just as good as homemade... in fact I don't know if I'll ever make homemade again! :) But I do still like to use homemade frosting!

************************************************************************************* December 22nd …. No actitivity