Sep 27, 2008

What's better than friends and family...

We certainly have had a great week! Well other than this minor little flood:

We got together with lots of friends this week, did some fun projects... thanks Amber,Linda, &Jen!. Last night we went to a "Host A Murder Mystery Party"... This is my second time doing one, and they are alot of fun! Marianne went all out decorating for the party! Here are a few pics from our fun night! { We all had to dress up as our characters, I know I look like a nerd, and that's what I was supposed to be! haha}
We also had these:
You can find the recipe for yummy Itallian Cream Soda's Here. or Here. Thanks Sueann!
I am SO excited to be going to the Relief Society Broadcast tonight too! Zach is even coming home early from hunting to watch the kids for me. {SO SWEET} Happy ALmost October!! Can you believe it?!