Sep 29, 2008

Blog Crushes...

First of all if you didn't see those coolGeneral Conference Packets for kids going around on the internet last year, you will want to check them out for this year!GO HERE NOW.They are SOOO stinkin' cute! I like to make copies of them and take them to the girls I visit teach too {for their kids of course}.

I also got another fun blogging award... Thanks Jessica! So of course I get to pass along the award. LOVE that! This is perfect because I have found some really FUN blogs lately and of course I'd love nothing more than to share them with all of you! 1. Livin' Life Patino Style- this girl has so many FUN projects going on that I could just spend an hour on her blog trying to decide which ones I want to try! Trust me you will want to go check her out! 2. Little Birdie Secrets!- darling blog, many many great projects here as well! My to do list is going to be endless this winter, I can already see it! LOVIN' it! :) 3. Projects & Ideas!... {Thanks for the tip on this one Teri!} This blog is full of well.... more craftiness! 4. 4 Reluctant Entertainers- This blog totally inspires me, first off she has great recipes, second, she is down to earth and well I guess I want to be more like her! :) 5. The Color Blue Photography!I just ran across this photography blog today. It's beautiful! Love her vintage style. 6.Live & Breathe 4 Art- This is one of my best friends ever, she is so stinkin' talented! Her artwork is amazing, and someday I'll be able to afford a piece of it! :) Check it out. She'll be famous someday, I know it! Just wanted to give you all a little link love!
oh, and Annalee- tagged me, so let's do this! :)
8 Things Tag...
8 Things I am PASSIONATE About...
1. The Gospel
2. My Family
3. Adoption
4. Humanitarian Service
5. Creativity.
6. Reading
7. Blogging :)
8. Being organized.
8 "words" or "phrases" I say way to often...
1. OH wow.
2. like
3. LOL
4. So...
5. Anyways,
6. No problem
7. Are you Serious?!
8. That's insane.
8 Things I want to do before I die...
1. Adopt another child.
2. Sky Dive
3. Travel Everywhere!
4. Work in an orphange.
5. Go on an African Safarri
6. Be 100% happy with being me.
7. Raise happy and successful children who make a difference in the world.
8. Go see a live Oprah or a Martha Stewart Show
8 Things I have learned From my past...
1. Everyone is fighting some sort of a battle, be kinder than necessary.
2. Don't procrastinate.
3. When you don't get what you want it's because god thought of something better to give you.
4. Focus on the bright side of life. I promise - there is always a bright side! What you think about is what you will get.
5. Laugh Often!
6. Life is way too short not to forgive.
7. If you eat a green and a purple skittle, it tastes like a lime ricky! YUM!
8. You really do learn something new every single day!
8 Places I would love to see...
1. India
2. Paris... who wouldn't?!
3. 7 wonders of the world
4. Holland
5. South Africa
6. Austrailia
7. All 50 states
8. Hawaii
8 Things I Currently Need or Want...
1. more time
2. to be financially free
3. loose some weight... who doesn't right?!
4. My own library
5. A blue Scooter
6. A big vacation
7. Cute yellow or red, or maybe vapor blue kitchen aid... I still love my white one, those colored ones are just soo cute!
8. A new house and unlimited amount of money to decorate it. :)
8 More People I Tag!
3.Nicole... get a blog, well one that you can do tags on! :)
4.Amber Davis