Sep 13, 2008


Wow! I am so incredibly tired! I think it's a combination between my allergies and you know, just every day life. :) We had some fun times this week though so I'll just re-cap the whole week fairly quickly. Tuesday: Megan (my sis-in-law) birthday party... she is so stinkin' cute! She's the BIG 14!!

Wednesday: (It's a secret, more to come on that later) Thursday: Got to do a Reiki treatment. ... it was SOO great! ThanksValerie!! If any of you locals want to get in on the action you can make an appointment with Valerie too. SO worth it!! You can get a hold of her at countryphunstuff(at)yahoo(dot)com, or just shoot me an e-mail if you need more info. Friday: Had the most fun little picnic and visit with some fellow bloggers! So fun meeting you Annalee (sorry no link her blog is private), and of course it's always a great time with Janeal & Chantri! Then later that afternoon I left for a Women's retreat for church. It was wonderful, to get away for a minute, even though I'm more tired now than before I left, since we stayed up late gabbing and you know you never sleep that great in a bed that's not your own, and I might add we slept in 12 foot tall bunk beds! Just check out this pic of Chelsea & Amber peaking out of the bed. haha. so I debated about even posting this picture since man, I look like I've been hit by a car! haha. Oh well, It was a good time. So many great talks and classes! Thanks to my sweetie for watching the kids for me so I could go. PS we missed you LINDA!! We also ran over to my mom and dad's house where Grandpa had made a mini corn maze for Brooklyn. She was in heaven running through it, she just kept saying. This is "willy FUN". She has the best grandpa's ever all of them, pretty much spoil her rotten!
Super excited for tomorrow too, we have a dinner appointment with some of our favorite people. So another full week, with lots more excitement and fun! Oh and I just got 3 FUN magazine subscriptions for $4 bucks... the info is ALL RIGHT HERE. Check it out quick, because I think the deals end soon.