Aug 30, 2008

I can't think of anything to call this post...

Okay, well I just had to share a recipe I made last night. One of my all time favorites at Chili's is the Southwestern Egg Rolls... any of you had them? They are a little bit of heaven rolled up and deep fat fried! :) You can find it on my recipe blog :Life Should Be Delicious.
I was also tagged by:Sabra it's the DUMP YOUR BAG TAG....this one is always fun,
*my planner *a coupon for Chicken Bacon & Artichoke Pizza... I'm excited to try this out... maybe tonight!
*a notebook w/grocery list and To DO list
*Cell phone
*bobby pins
*Pen & pencil
*a breathing treatment for Braxton
*lip gloss & gum...(my new favorite orbitz's sangria & fesca)mmm.
*some loose change & hand sanitizer
*checks to be cashed
*wallet & checkbook
It's pretty amazing what we can fit into a little bag!
I tag...Annalee, Janeal, Alison, Amberlee, Judy,Heidi, Kate & Nancy (only if you want to girls, no pressure at all)
Oh and we tried Dr. Oz's green drink, you know the one that Oprah calls "a little glass of fresh",
hmm... I could barely get through one swallow, yeah, it was that bad! I LOVE the color, just not the taste! Has anyone else tried it out?? Maybe I did it wrong...What was your experience?? Have a great weekend!!!