Mar 27, 2008

Making me happy...

I've been working on a few random projects and have finished a couple! That ALWAYS makes me happy... does anyone else just LOVE checking things off your to do lists?! Here's the first one. I have LOVED these cute flour and sugar jars for a few while now, and I just got around to getting them done, it was SOO easy, it makes me wonder what took me so long to just get them done. I got the jars at Target, and I ordered the vinyl.
The second project, well it goes back to my New Years Resolution to LIVE this year, I thought I could use a mid-year reminder something that I could see daily to remind me of my goal. So this is what I decided to do: Oh, and I sort of debated about sharing this, I'm mostly putting this little Recipe Blog together for myself, because I want to send it to and get it published into my own little recipe book, but I thought about how much I like to get new recipes, and maybe you might find one on there that you'll love too. Eventually I will be adding pictures once I make the dish... so check it out if you want to. :) Life Should Be Delicious. * And this part is just for me, I want to look back and remember the little things that mean so much to me. I don't often post about Zach and he's seriously the best! He ran to the grocery store the other day with a fairly big list from me, and came home with these beautiful roses for me, just because. He also took us out to get a hamburger for lunch last Saturday, we went to Scotty's and Zach always orders my favorite drink, for me, a Cherry Iron Port. Love it. It's just these little things that add up to the big things and make me fall in love with him over and over again. Thanks sweetie!