Mar 7, 2008

100 Posts...

*** POST EDIT... I just wanted to THANK ALL OF YOU for your Sweet Sweet comments! You don't know how much I've LOVED reading them! We've been sick with the stomach flu here but are feeling much, much better today. Since you have all been so nice to leave so many comments, I'm going to go one more day, until I draw for the prize, and I'm not only going to draw one random name but 3!! I seriously LOVE all my bloggin' friends!***

As I was getting ready to type this blog entry up , I noticed that this is my 100th post! Pretty crazy plus coming up this month is my 1 year BLOGIVERSARY! :) I thought to celebrate, I'd host a little give-away! So throw me a little comment and I'll hold a random drawing for something REALLY FUN! :) Sound good? I also wanted to show you all something I found this morning while checking my Bloglines Account, take a look at this post, I was almost in tears by the time I was done reading it. I want to be apart of the Angels Among Us Club too! Have any of you ever experienced a much needed smile on a bad day, or just asimple act of kindness when you were down? I know I have, and I know how much it meant to me, I also know how rewarding it is to be apart of those small acts of service. So my challenge to myself and all of you is to SCATTER a little more SUNSHINE! Look more closely at the people you come into contact with daily and try to find small ways to serve those around you. Hope you all have a great weekend!!