Sep 4, 2009

Vintage Flower Tutorial…

Okay, here is the little tutorial for the cute flowers…
Step #1 Go buy some Acetate fabric, I got mine at JoAnn's, just ask a salesperson in the store if they carry it.
Step #2 Cut your fabric into circles, I totally freehanded mine (obviously) It really doesn’t matter though. You can cut as many or as few circles as you want. And if you really want a fun vintage look, put some tulle circles in between! {SUPER CUTE!}
9909 003
Step #3 Light a tea light candle, singe the edges, so they curl up just a bit, you can blacken the edges for an extra vintage touch, or don’t just depending on your style. Just play around with it until you get what you want. We noticed that some fabrics singed easier than others.
9909 004
9909 011
Step #4 Stack your singed circles on top of each other from biggest to smallest.
9909 014
Step #5
Bring needle & thread up from bottom center through each of the layers and sew pearl(s) on.
9909 017
Step #6
Place a piece of coordinating ribbon in between alligator clip and adhere with a glue gun.
9909 028
There you go! We also thought it would be fun to mix different colors of fabric or clip these onto headbands , purses, scarves, etc. The possibilities are endless! Have fun!