Jul 8, 2013

Summer Lovin’…

I got the sweetest email from a blogger, wondering where on earth I had gone. Thanks Jill- SO sweet of you. Honestly, I’ve just been BUSY. I keep up a lot better on my kids blogs. They are private, and if you’d like an invite I’d be happy to share one. Just email me. :)
Let’s start off with some Summer Lovin’-
#1 This Camping Cobbler. The recipe is my Father in laws. It’s GOOD. Go HERE for the recipe.
#2 This for a quick and fun visiting teaching idea- it’s the summer mix 20130 You can pick it up at Deseret Book for $1.99- and don’t you LOVE washi tape?! I could use it on everything!!

click on the picture, download and print. 

#3 These two apps for instagram are SO much fun!!!! – Follow me on Instagram my user name is sunshineinmysoul_33
A Beautiful Mess and Rhonna Designs- download them in the app store.
IMG_3539 IMG_3914 IMG_3742 IMG_3348
I’ve downloaded the Rhonna Designs app but haven’t used it yet. This week I’m going to figure it out! It has a lot more options! :) YAY!
#4 This song is SO fun- I’m totally loving it right now!

#5 I’m picking up this kitten tomorrow at our local animal shelter. We are adopting her. She’s SO sweet and I can not wait to cuddle her! Isn’t she SWEET?!
#6 We watched this movie over the weekend, and laughed till we hurt! It is SO cute, clean too- we watched it with our kids!
I’ll be back SOON Jill I promise! ;) Going to be better about blogging. I AM! Thanks for the sweet email to get me motivated again.