Jul 7, 2012

Summer Lovin…

This song is my fave right now. ♥

We just finished our swimming lesson session. It was AWESOME. Until today, diving board day. It pushed Brooklyn a little too far. It didn’t go over well. Hope she will try again next year?! There were tears, screaming,a meltdown and more tears. Felt so bad for her. I kind of have a phobia of deep water myself, so I can’t blame her. The diving board looks so high when you actually get up there!
IMG_1258 IMG_1320
We are checking things off our summer bucket list left and right. We’ve been having a lot of fun, but I’m ready for a little slower pace of life. I like to be busy, but I also like to have those lazy days lounging around on the porch eating popsicles and running through sprinklers and we haven’t had many of those days yet! 
IMG_1220 IMG_1288 IMG_1312
Camping feet. Can only mean one thing… they’ve had way too much fun!!

We had a super fun 4th of July. One of my favorite holidays- well who am I kidding? I say that about EVERY holiday that rolls around. I really do love the parades, the fireworks,the BBQ’s, dressing the kids up in red white and blue and the patriotic feeling rushing through the crowds.
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One thing I forgot I was going to blog about was a new discipline method we are using.
These are our “Good Bean/Bad Bean Jars”
If the kids do something they shouldn’t they have to put a bad bean in the jar, when I catch them being good they put one in the good bean jar, when we decide it’s time to do something extra fun like go to the movies or to the water park etc. We check their good and bad bean jars to see which one is more full. So far it’s helped me out a ton this summer. It’s kind of nice too, because the other day Brooklyn came and told me about something naughty she had done. So for telling the truth she got to put in two good beans, but she still had to put in a bad bean too, for doing something she wasn’t supposed to. Thanks to my sister in law Linda for the great idea! It really helps the kids be accountable for their own actions.
We also had a BIRTHDAY in our house! My favorite boy turned 32. They just don’t come any better than him. Love him so much. To celebrate we had a few people over for a little crab boil. It was so fun. Definitely be doing it again soon. Go HERE for the recipe.
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