Jun 11, 2012

Current Obsessions + Our Summer Bucket List…

1.  These little bites are amazing. I usually buy two bags just so I don’t have to share.

2. My Nephew Easton.He never gets put down.This bag of sugar stage doesn’t last long enough!
3. These Vanilla No Bakes are at the top of my treat list. Recipe HERE.

4. Although this 3 ingredient Lemon Cake comes in a close second. Recipe Here.

5. I guess you could say I’m smitten by all this summer beauty, that has come in abundance lately. Find myself taking pictures of nature constantly. What do you do with that pretty picture of a flower anyway? I’m hoarding nature pictures, and don’t know what to do with them. ha! ;)
 IMG_0849 IMG_0847  IMG_0850

IMG_1071  IMG_1120 IMG_1135 IMG_1165
IMG_1181 IMG_0800 DSC_1350 IMG_1198 IMG_1100IMG_1156

When I think about nature, I’m always in awe. In fact we were up in the mountains on a ride, when we reached the top, I turned to Zach and said, Heavenly Father has impeccable taste. Really! I’m always fascinated how the yellow and blue flowers are placed side by side on the trail and that  the sunset burns and fades into several gorgeous oil paintings. He’s brilliant. And even better? He created all this beauty for me, for you.

Our Summer Bucket List
Sign Up for Summer Book Club
Eat a Snowcone
Feed the Ducks
Square Ice Cream Cones
Hopscotch Tournament
Water Park
ABC Scavenger Hunt
Try a new cocoa bean cupcake
Run Through the Sprinklers
Plant Garden
Swimming Lessons
Go to the Lake
Huckleberry picking
Farmers Market
Visit the Temple grounds
Smore’s Buffet
Have a BBQ
Go Mini Golfing
Go to the Drive In
Watch for Shooting Stars
Have a pajama Day
Play at the Park
Sleepover with Cousins

I’m sure we will add more, but we have been checking them off left and right. It’s fun to have a plan, but not be too scheduled in the summer.

Look what else is new around here. Miss Brooklyn got up the courage to get her ears pierced. We are both a little obsessed with new earrings for her!
IMG_1190 IMG_1187 IMG_1193