Mar 12, 2012

Our life in Instagram Form February addition

Hey! Grab & share our new adoption button! {the code is right below the pic on the right} Thanks to my awesome & sweet friend Shaela for making it for me!!! ♥


I always swear I’m not going to wait this long to post again, I get so far behind and there are always things I forget to share, or I get a bit overwhelmed at all I should have written down. Some of the my cutest blogging friends are SO good at posting a couple of times a week! Why don’t I still do that?!

February in a nutshell…



Ordered my garden seeds for spring planting!



I finished the kids’ sillouhettes and I LOVE how they turned out! They were SO easy too! THIS is the tutorial I used. I went to the thrift store and got an old book with yellowed pages to cut out for the background.


We helped with Braxton’s preschool Valentine party. 7 boys 1 girl in the class!



Braxton spent the day with his dad at work! Luckily he didn’t need stitches and he was all smiles. Tough kid.

 IMG_0142 IMG_0141

Braxton helped me make cinnamon rolls one Sunday afternoon. We had flour EVERYWHERE! ha! That smile made it worth it.


We had a few storms roll through. I am in love with the winter we’ve had though! It’s been SO mild!


We also took the kids to the new dinosaur museum exhibit.

This is a daily ritual of mine. Taking my vitamins & minerals.


We spend a lot of time at the library in the winter.

Florence’s chocolates from my sweet friend.


Have I mentioned I love volunteering in Brooklyn’s class every week? I’m pretty sure I have. ;)


The kids are in love with the game Guess Who right now. We play a lot of it.

 IMG_0169 IMG_0168

Zach’s new toy. Remote control helicopter. love that boy.


This is the kids’ favorite. They hide and scare dad on a daily basis. They are the biggest teases, all three of them love to play practical jokes on each other!  IMG_0162

I LOVE the look of painted fingernails… I hate the maintenance! Ugh. Why do they chip so fast?!


How we spent our valentines day… Our family tradition is to get Chinese takeout and have a fun little dinner at home together. These three are my favorites. ever. Love my little family!!  IMG_0186 IMG_0201


We are now on this crazy health kick. We drink green smoothies for two meals. I am LOVING it! It deserves a post all to itself I think. Maybe later this week I’ll fill you in on the details. I’m also right in the middle of my Spring cleaning. LOVE that feeling of a deep cleaned house!