Dec 23, 2011

December. In a nutshell.

The last few months have been Crazy… with a capital C! I never imagined I could be so far behind on a to-do list. ;) I’ve never felt so much chaos but at the same time so content & happy with life. It’s full of everything I love. {and I’ve only had a couple of break down’s, a few monster stress zits, and two migraines"} ha! Really. It’s a beautiful life. I am so grateful for  my many blessings.

I guess it doesn’t help that I’d rather spend my nights sitting in front of the Christmas tree watching the twinkling lights.


I think I’ll just try to recap our month of December. On December 1st, Zach & I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Love that boy SO much. He makes all my dreams come true.


It was also the day my dad had surgery. It was a day of miracles. He is doing SO great. He is cancer free right now! That feels so good to say! :) He will do 12 more rounds of chemo after Christmas. He is my hero. I don’t know that I could fight like he is fighting. Truly he is amazing. It has been hard. We have had so many tender mercies. Very grateful.


We were able to visit with Braxton’s birth mom Shanna and her sweet family for an afternoon as well.  What would I do without these sweet girls who made it possible for me to be a mom?! Love them and that is an understatement!


We made a quick trip to Dallas where we were wined and dined. Seriously. Limo, 8 star hotel, breakfast in bed, the works. Can you believe I didn’t get a single picture? ha! {that is so unlike me}

Events at the Hilton Anatole\

We helped host an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. SO fun!


this cute girl got a hair cut, and it was all her idea!


Welcomed a new niece! Rylin Kate Davis. She is SO tiny and I am SO baby hungry. Mmm. Nothing better than a sweet little one straight from heaven! So happy for Josh & Amber!


We celebrated my mom’s 50th Birthday. She is so beautiful. Really inside and out!

She's the kind of mom, who when you become a mom, somehow gets even better. You slowly start to realize what it must have taken to have provided the childhood you were blessed with, and wonder how you're ever going to do what she did, and be what she was. With every additional year of my own my mom becomes more amazing.


We’ve had preschool parties-


I am LOVING volunteering in Miss Brooklyn’s kindergarten class once a week too. The kids make me laugh. They are so fun!



We’ve been caroling, visiting the Senior Citizen’s home, Pedicures & Personal Progress, Studying Christmas with the Prophets for our Young Women Christmas lesson. Awesome book btw.


We have had SO much fun with our Elf on the Shelf Frisbee… my kids almost don’t want Christmas to come (I said almost)… because then Frisbee will have to go back to the North Pole. CUTE! Here are just a few of the things Frisbee has been up to! We love you too Frisbee!

036 DSCN0856  DSCN0868 DSCN0865

Here is our Christmas card. We wish each of you a Merry Christmas filled with the love of our Savior, peace in your hearts & all good things as 2012 approaches.