Nov 23, 2011

Thankful Hearts & a New Surgery Date…

As we approach Thanksgiving tomorrow, we want to tell each of you who visit us here, at home, in prayer, in service and many other ways,how very, very grateful we are that we have you in our life. Supporting us through this difficult trial. We love you. We can't wait for the day when it is our turn to give back. We say it again and again, but we are humbled by the wealth of blessings we see each and ever day. Though the road has been extremely difficult, we have hope & we feel slivers of peace throughout each day.

They have bumped dad's surgery up to this Tuesday the 29th. Mom & dad will travel down to Huntsman's on Monday for the MRI & pre-op anesthesia and then they will decide after studying the MRI what the best plan is for dad's leg. We will keep you updated here as we receive more information from my mom on that day. We are holding a fast this Sunday for those who feel so inclined to participate with us for dad, that everything will go smoothly for him. Thank you so much. We truly feel the strength your prayers and fasting bring. We post most of the updates for dad HERE.
We leave you with a beautiful inspiring message.

Happy Thanksgiving. We truly have so much to be grateful for.