Jul 11, 2011

Monday Update…

In list form because heaven knows I LOVE my lists! ;)
1. Repentance Handout for Young Women- you are more than welcome to click on the picture to enlarge it & have it printed- this is a 4x6 size. Super cute to attach to a real orange or the mini orange slices.
2. Tried to “clean up” the look of our blog. (see top right under the blog banner) Still working on it- but LOVING the new PAGES feature on blogger. Here is a simple tutorial if you want to try it on your own blog.
3. Won a photo session with the talented Natalie of Excursion Photography- you can check out some of the pics HERE.
More to come when I get my disc! SO FUN!
You can’t tell me these two aren’t brother and sister! ha! Crazy how much they look alike!
4. Had fun decorating for an Ice Cream Social for the women at our church.
to make your own bunting banner go here for a free printable pattern.

also a cute tutorial on how to make ice cream cones from balloons. Go HERE.
Our summer has been full of fun.
trips to the splash park &
sleepovers with cousins.
Smore’s with neighbors.
DSCN9468 DSCN9472
drive in movies.
Fro Yo @ Kiwi Loco!

trips to the zoo.
DSCN9521 DSCN9517
a day out with old friends- Kate & I have been BFF’s since 1st grade!

Lunch @ Gator Jack’s YUM! we also checked out a new botique & picked up some bling.
Attended my 10 yr. High School Reunion! SO MUCH FUN!!!
261703_10150233002406430_549846429_7775551_4291965_n[1] 267728_10150224288368479_681443478_7388054_7156388_n[1] 264237_1443439422089_1716211688_691193_42239_n[1] DSCN9547 DSCN9548 DSCN9546 DSCN9543
4th of July Fesitivites
DSCN9561 DSCN9566 DSCN9568

treats! click on the pics for the recipes.
DSCN9607 DSCN9527

Summer is wearing me out- but in a very very good way! We’ve got more fun planned! Sunshine, popsicles, swimming, gardening – I just don’t think life can get much better! Are you enjoying your summer?