Mar 5, 2011

Relief Society Birthday Party & a Napkin Flower Tutorial…

First off, I’m sorry, I know I promised a few of you I’d get this tutorial up quickly, well it wasn’t as quick as I thought it would be. ;) Second I’m flattered! {blush} at how many e-mails and phone calls I’ve gotten to post a tutorial on the napkin flowers and the details of the party. I think it’s super hard to plan such a big party at the church, not that you don’t have room, it’s just it has to be in the cultural hall, and to me it’s so cold and unwelcoming! I only took a few pics, because the sweet sisters in our ward were streaming in, and I was embarassed! lol.


So it is what it is and this is how it went.

The Menu:

We had Johnny Carino Bow Tie Festival, the simplest recipe ever. But SUPER yum!  You can get the recipe HERE or HERE.

We then had sisters in the ward sign up to do garlic bread & salads.

Cupcakes for dessert.


The Program was fantastic too! We have such talented sisters in our ward!

Huge thanks to all that were involved!!!

They used the Parable of the Princesses by Jenny Philips

more on that HERE.  it would be a great young women theme too!


We set the tables up in a horseshoe shape, just for something a little different & out of the ordinary. We had a limited budget too, so we kept everything to a minimum. I got all the fun colors of napkins that we used at the Zurchers Party Supply store. The square yellow plates were from Walmart.

DSCN8514 DSCN8512

We displayed the cupcakes like this, and I bought a mixed flower bouquet at Sam’s Club to stick in the tops of a few of them.   An amazing sister in our ward did all the cupcakes for us, Niki actually has her own baking business called Deserts on Demand, so if you need something call her or check out her facebook page! ;)  I’m not lying when I say everything she makes is DIVINE!!!

So if you are feeling up to it here is the Napkin Flower Tutorial:

My cute friend Melanie taught me how, Thanks Melanie!!


Step one:

Take 4 napkins, any color will do, it’s even cute to alternate the colors.

Pull them all apart like this.So you have 8 thin napkins to work with.


stack them all in a neat pile.


begin folding them like an accordian or a fan.


tie the center with a piece of ribbon

or string. (You won’t see it at all so color does not matter)


Next cut the edges of the napkin, you can round the edges for a romantic look or clip them into a triangle for a more edgy look. I did some of both.


Next peel the layers of napkins upward like this:

DSCN8532 DSCN8531

Repeat on both sides. Your flower will look like this when you are finished:


Tip: One set of 50 napkins will make 12 flowers


Good luck! Let me know if you have questions. I think these are just darling, for birthday parties, baby showers, a summer BBQ!