Jan 11, 2011

Eleven Things…

Here are 11 random things I am loving today. Happy  1/11/11 .

1. Did you know that TODAY is National Clean Your Desk Day?! Got to love that.  Want to get motivated or inspired? GO HERE.

2.  LOVING this song today. YOU ARE MORE.

3. Already lost that motivation to Move More Eat LEss in 2011?

Check this out. Inspiring for sure. We can do it!!!

4. I think this Snowman Party is ADORABLE! Click on the picture to see more! Wouldn’t that be so fun for a little January get together?

snowman kids holiday party ideas

5. This blog has me motivated to try new things concerning FASHION.  FUN!

(CAUTION: This blog will keep you busy for a while! SO don’t click unless the kids are down for a nap, or in my case cleaning her room which is the one time I’m grateful she DOES NOT like to hurry! lol.)

Articles like HOW TO DRY SHAMPOO

How to wear cute ACCESSORIES

FASHION Trends. What to wear all year long.

How to line the waterline of your eyes with eyeliner.

Moving ON now-

6. One of my goals this year is to get my FOOD STORAGE all caught up and nicely organized.  this site. is fantastic for giving me inspiration.

7. When Miss Brooklyn decides it’s time to get an Easy Bake Oven- which she will I’m sure, what little girl doesn’t want one at some point in her life?!  I want to remember THIS site, it is full of recipes to make your own easy bake oven recipes, so you don’t have to pay $5 to make two baby chocolate cakes. :)

8. She makes me laugh, cute cute sense of humor. My SIL told me about her blog actually it was around Christmas time, I’m sorry I held out on you all for so long. She is DARLING. She is local, well sort of an implant since she is going to BYU I you know? ANd well I WISH I had the guts to wear fashion like she does. I don’t , so I’ll just keep on a wishin’. Check it out HERE.

9. I wanted to make this valentine wreath last year, well I didn’t get around to it, so this year it’s a MUST! I DO NOT like having something on my to do list for that long! That being said, don’t judge me if it really doesn’t get done because I may or may not still be in my PJ’s and it is after noon.

10. I REALLY want one of these. I think they are SO stylish, I would feel like I was straight out of Anthropologie if I owned one. *wink

Wouldn’t it be cute sitting in my kitchen with a little cupcake under it – ( I saw one at the Lion House Pantry and fell in love.)Glass Dome Bell Jar Cloche...Item# ECG-G6031 : Glass...

11. Don’t forget to enter the GIVE –AWAY from Shabby Shack ALL THE DETAILS are on the next post down. The pictures don’t even do these hair pieces justice. Seriously. In person, you will die! They are SO cute & SO affordable!!