Mar 16, 2010

Bucket List…

I love lists. Always have. Always will. I like to make to-do lists, grocery lists,party lists… and most recently I decided to write a bucket list. I turn 27 this year, so that leaves me with 3 more years until I am 30, well I realized in all my list making years, I’ve never made a bucket list, or at least I’m going to start on my list… hey, I’ve got big dreams. I really think eventually I’ll get through this list of mine, and probably add a bunch more to it!
1. Go skydiving
2. Take a spur-of the moment red eye flight to someplace Tropical with only my toothbrush, and bathing suit
3. See the tulips blooming in Holland
4. Go on a helicopter ride over some romantic view
5. Visit ALL 50 States
6. Take up Photography
7. Find my passion in life
8. Allow myself to make mistakes, and learn from them!
9. Learn not to take what others do or say personally.
10. Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter.
11. Go on a mission and serve in an orphanage.
12. Make a documentary film.
13. Write a Children’s Book
14. Take a Self Defense Class
15. Spend a week at a 5-star spa
16. Become a millionaire, heck a billionaire!
17. Find the Love of my life.
18. Swim with Dolphins
19. Go on an African Safarri
20. Watch Turtles hatch and run for the ocean
21. Go to an Oprah Show or a Martha Stewart Show
22. Take up Yoga
23. Spend a week at a Silent Retreat or just live a week in silence
24. Become a Reiki Master
25. Plant a herb garden
26. Take the kids to Disneyland
27. Land my dream job
28. Figure out what my dream job would be!
29. Cook a five course gourmet meal or just take a cooking class. ;)
30. Give away $10,000 dollars in smaller increments to complete strangers!
So what would be on your bucket list? Do you already have one? What is on it? If you don’t then make one!
"When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing,then we truly live life." - Greg Anderson