Feb 25, 2010


One of my best friends turned 27 a couple weeks back, I thought I had posted about it but I guess not! We went to lunch with my girls! Some of my favorite girls in the world. Nicole is so darn talented. She is an artist, see for yourself go HERE. She is kind, and giving, she is one of the best listeners I know. She is incredibly smart, not to mention gorgeous!! Kate is another bestie. She has the curly hair in the pic. She’s 29 weeks prego, and her belly looks like mine does after I eat breakfast! ;) She’s super athletic, and has the best sense of humor. Ever. She is silly and fun and gorgeous too. Love them! Cole’s mom, Judy also joined us, she’s always been our second go to mom. She is also super talented. She is an artist too, she scrapbooks, is an amazing photographer and she throws the best parties, she would also give you the shirt off her back. Now that I’ve introduced them to you all, you can go check out their blogs! LOVE these girls!
Zach took me down to the Jazz game on Monday, his boss gave him sweet tickets, so we sat in row 6! It was so dang fun! The only thing that would have made it better is if they would have won!
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Also found a new favorite… this blog brings a little sunshine to my house every single Tuesday. I bet some of you have heard of Stacey Julian. Her whole blog rocks, but my most favorite part about it… what she calls Sprinkles!  This is what Stacey says about Sprinkles:

Sprinkles are such little things, yet when you shake a few sprinkles atop something ordinary, it instantly becomes special. When you learn to follow your curiosities, practice daily creativity, and treat people with unexpected compassion, you discover a greater degree of consciousness, that makes life surprisingly delightful and fun!

Do you love that? YES or YES?! 

Every Tuesday, she gives us a challenge, or an uplifting quote, or simply something to look forward to. {go read about Lemon Jello, I know my anticipation is building!!}

I think Stacey hits it right on the dot, aren’t some of those things what makes life so great?!

we needed a little spring around here! After Valentines Day I always end up getting the winter BLAHS! What do you do with the Winter Blahs? Any good ideas on how to keep the kids entertained and me sane?

Hope you are all having a really great week!