Sep 10, 2009

The itsy bitsy spider…

So I’m not a huge fan of spiders, but I’m not deathly afraid of them. I don’t have to call my hubs over to kill them for me either. I usually just get it over with and do what needs to be done. Well this “little” spider started out making a little web on our garbage can. He was catching a ton of bugs for me so I decided to let him live for a minute. :)
bk09 011 
Well after a few days or so I noticed he had gotten a little bit bigger. Brooklyn had noticed him too, and it soon became a nightly tradition to peek out at our little pet spider and see if he’d gotten any bigger. Well garbage day rolled around, and Zach took the garbage out for us. I didn’t expect to see the little guy ever again. I thought for sure he’d be dumped and taken away with the trash. Boy was I wrong! This persistent little guy, was out and about re-building his beautiful home that night.  And you know what… this went on for almost a month! Each week the garbage can would go out, I’d think he’s in for it this time! Then that night we’d roll the garbage can back in from the curb, and he’d be at it again, re-spinning that web of his and catching more bugs. Going on with life and never complaining. How he held on while the garbage man tipped him upside down and shook him around I will never know! I even started to feel sorry for him. Don’t judge me, but one week when their wasn’t much garbage I just let him be, and didn’t bother taking the trash to the curb!
Anyways… this week, I haven’t seen our itsy bitsy spider. I kind of miss him. I think it’s because he reminded me  every day, that we don’t need to sit around wasting time, that no matter how bad things get… we have to keep on going! Pressing forward. As silly as it may sound, he inspired me!
Sometimes I work myself up. I say yes to more than I can handle, I overbook myself,  and I become increasingly weary with life. I want to be more like my pet spider…take life a little slower, hang on when there are those bumps and shakes on garbage day (or screaming crying kids in town.)   Be satisfied with my mundane every day tasks that need to be accomplished.
Life doesn’t have to be perfect.
In fact it’s more fun when it’s not!

Today, this hour, this minute is the day, the hour, the minute for each of us to sense the fact that life is good, with all of its trials and troubles, and perhaps more interesting because of them.
~ Robert R. Updegraff
What inspires you?