May 12, 2009

A little catching up...

Hello friends! Another {CRAZY} week has begun! :) My little sister Angie was here from CA last week! LOVE when all my sisters get to be together!! It's such a HUGE blessing for me to have such beautiful women surrounding me! Plus if you didn't know 2 of them are expecting and we found out last week they are both having boys! We are used to girls in our family... and now the boys are starting to out number us! We made some of those cute beaded watches! ♥ them! Pretty much addicted to making them now! SO fun! I am so grateful that I can volunteer a small portion of my time with our local chapter of FSA (Families Supporting Adoption), we had the great opportunity of putting together a small dinner in honor of all the birth mothers in our area. (look at these cute favors Candise made up. I ♥ them! And dinner was to die for... she sent me the recipes, so hopefully I'll get a second to post them after I make them again! )

I came away from the evening with a renewed love for my family, for adoption and of course Bri and Shanna! We have truly been blessed. There were birth moms who had placed only weeks before and some who had placed 16 years ago! It was inspiring to say the least and I felt privledged to hear their stories. With Mother's Day being Sunday, I found myself looking back on past Mother's Days, ones that weren't so great for me, ones when we were childless. I just wanted all of you beautiful women who are dealing with infertility to know that there will come a day when you will want to celebrate Mother's Day. A day when you will rejoice and look back on the past with a smile, and say, "it was all worth it." I wish I could reach out and give you all a big hug. Keep going, I can honestly say all those years of pain and heart break were worth it! Natasha asked me to be a guest blogger and write an article about our infertility and how we dealt with it. If you want to read my article about part of our journey through infertility go HERE.