May 29, 2009


Hello! I got this e-mail from my dad last night, attached were these pictures, he said: One is of the little boy willow tree statue that Debbie one of the nurses gave her with a really nice card. All the nurses want to take care of Angie and be a part of the miracle, We have seen many of the doctors drop in and check on her when they are not even on call. They are all amazed. Angie has the best attitude and Neal is so attentive. I told mom every Dad would hope for a son in law that would care for his daughter like he has. I can truly tell that the Lord is on our side and listening to our prayers so many little miracles - happening everyday and Every day brings Jayden more time and hope. By the way the name Jayden means - Heard of God - and God truly has heard him and is assisting him already in his earth life.

IMG_0426 IMG_0429 IMG_0435

Also to answer some of your questions, yes, Angie is still dilated to a 10, once you are dilated there is no going back. I had that same question. :) She is still having contractions but it is less and less, night time is harder for some reason. I talked to Angie yesterday, and it was great just to hear her voice! She sounded tired, but in good spirits! I haven't talked to my mom or Angie today, if anything has changed I will post later today.

Thanks again for all the love and concern, we are truly blessed with incredible friends and family. We love you all and appreciate the prayers, love and support more than you will ever know!