Aug 23, 2008

As if I need another hobby...

I know, I don't need ANOTHER hobby. But I couldn't resist making some jewlery when I saw these CUTE charms!! They are right up my alley, I'm loving all the doves, the flowers, even the peace signs... maybe I was born to be a hippy, free spirit,tree-hugging, go-green girl! lol. I call this one "Raspberry Fizz" after my favorite new drink that I had at Bear Lake.... it's for Miss Brooklyn.

And this is a really fun bracelet to make, it's made out of safety pins. It's easy, just a little time consuming. You just bead each safety pin and then run your elastic through both ends of the safety pin. SO cute. Everytime I wear one, I get compliments on it! I've been kicking this idea around in my head for a while now... should I try to sell these little trinkets? What would you pay for each of them?