Jan 16, 2008

I was tagged by Miss Marci. So Here we Go! Four jobs I have had in my life: 1. Smoothie girl @ Jamba Juice 2. Receptionist @ Pediatrist Office 3. Receptionist @ Grand Teton Gastroenterology... don't ask about the name, but it was my favorite job ever! 4. Candy Striper at EIRMC Four places I have lived: 1 Idaho, Idaho Falls 2. Nebraska 3. Texas 4. Idaho. Rexburg Five places I have been 1. Mexico 2. Florida 3. California 4. Lake Powell 5. Las Vegas Four Favorite Foods: 1. Johnny Carino's Bowtie Festival 2. Bajio's Flauta Salad 3. Ham sandwich on whole wheat sunflower seed bread and a glass of Reed's Dairy choc. milk 4. Jamba Juice Smoothies Four people I'd like to get to know better: 1. Myself 2. Mother Teresa 3. Some of the girls in my ward 4. Some of my new blogging friends Four Reasons why I love being me: 1. I am creative and I am really organized. 2. I am constantly learning more about myself, others and the world around me. 3. I have amazing friends & family 4. I get to be apart of the miracle of adoption Four Classes I wish were offered to me and that I could participate in right now: 1. Parenting with Love and Logic 2. A Holistic Health Class on essential oils, reflexology, iradology or maybe massage therapy. 3. PSE (Photoshop Elements), beginners course 4. Some sort of Art class Four friends or relatives I am tagging: 1. Ali 2. Christy 3. Jen 4. Shanna